Immerse yourself in endless movie nights with Youtube Watch Party

Enjoy the joy of endless movie nights with this extension. Now, you can view movies together with your friends and family, even if you're far apart. This extension lets you synchronize videos and chat and you can even make audio or video calls while seeing content.

It’s just you need to simply install the extension on your browser, start a movie or show on it, and invite your friends to join. Enjoy laughter, excitement, and discussions as you all see your favorite films simultaneously.

Create your own watching room with this extension

With this extension, you can create your very own virtual watching room. Invite your friends and family to join, and together, you can synchronize your favorite movies or shows. You can also share your movie experience via chat and audio and video calls and discuss and immerse yourselves in entertainment from the comfort of your own homes.


Time sync

If you enjoy viewing movies or series with your friends, use this extension and just log in and invite your buddies to join. You all need to log in together to start streaming the movie at the same time and share with them. Once you're all in, you can have audio and video calls while streaming the movie together. The video quality is high, and the buffering is fast, all in your web browser. It's a fantastic way to have fun and make movie nights with friends even more exciting.

The best part is with the help of adblocker, you can block all annoying ads and enjoy your favorite content without any disturbance.

Personalize your own extension

Simply just click the user icon, and it will unlock some of the best features like chat, audio calls, and video calls. With Youtube watch party, you can view movie together with friends and family and you can also pick your favorite shows and movies from the best online streaming platforms.

To view unlimited series without any disturbance, use block youtube ads with youtube ad blocker Chrome. Enjoy the high-quality streaming that is synchronized for everyone, so that you can have your fantastic time together. It’s the best way to create special moments with your loved ones.


How to watch youtube without ads?

It’s a very simple and easy process. You need to download the Youtube watch party and add it to Chrome. With this extension, you can enjoy youtube ad free content without any interruptions.

How to install the youtube ad blocker Firefox feature?

These are the simple steps to download the browser extension :


Go to your browser

Search for adblocker


Download the extension

Add to Chrome


After completing these steps, it will automatically start running on your browser.


It is a useful extension that allows you to view in real-time with your best buddy. It enables synchronized playback, chat, video and audio calls so that you can enjoy the content and simultaneously interact while viewing. You can also create your own party or join an existing one, enhancing the shared viewing experience and fostering a sense of togetherness even when you are physically apart.

With Youtube party, you can watch movies with friends online and can discuss scenes, and share reactions at the same time.

To experience these incredible features, you need to download the extension.



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